Sword and Sandals II

Description: Your ultimate goal is to defeat all the arena champions and reign as champion yourself struggling, try a different strategy.
The last boss in Swords and Sandals 2 is awesome —  Emperor Antares, he is the Darth Vader of Swords and Sandals 2.

With weapons and armour that you, poor gladiator, will never be able to buy he is the most dangerous boss in this fighting game. Do you dare to take him on? What game strategy will you use, Gladiator?  Will you try and outlast the good Emperor in this game or will you be aggressive and fight from the beginning?  He is twice the size of you in height and weight of the best gladiator.

Perhaps you should look to Star Wars for answers.  Will you be brave like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars or run like a fearful prisoner in Swords and Sandals? This is what great RPG games do to you.  They make you feel alive!
(This game is a large file and will take a long while to load (2.7 Megabytes))

Can You Complete the game before your friends?!


Controls: Strike Mouse to interact.Warzone Getaway

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